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Big, Hairy, Low-Hanging Balls

June 30, 2012

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted, and I’ve yet to finish the story I’ve started, but there is another writing project I am desperately trying to finish first. I haven’t forgotten about the story I started here, though! It will be finished soon enough.

One of my favorite things about a guy is their balls. I love big, hairy balls. I can lick and suck on them all day long and not get bored. Doesn’t matter if they’re hairy or not, actually, but I like ’em hairy. Anyway, one of the things I’ve always hated about myself was the fact my own balls, while medium-to-large in size, didn’t hang that low. And I love low-hangers! There is nothing like the feeling of a guy’s low-hanging sack slapping your chin while he fucks your mouth or slap against your ass or own balls while he fucks you.

I use the word “didn’t” because I’ve noticed lately that my sack is finally starting to hang lower. One of the things I’ve looked forward to since I was a teen was getting older and getting lower-hanging balls. It happens to all guys as we age. Now at the age of 34, it’s starting to happen. I don’t know if it’s happening from age, the fact that I wear basketballs shorts almost all the time now with no underwear or jockstraps underneath, or a combination of both. Either way, I noticed earlier this month. We’ve been having a record-setting month for heat in June here, and I would lay naked in my room with fans on high. Since the room was remodeled years ago, the fans barely help, but the little they did, I kept feeling extra heat on my taint that wasn’t there in years past. Sure enough, my balls are hanging lower and now I have to lift them to get any cool air there. Trust me, though, I am not complaining. 😉

There may be one thing that isn’t so good with them. I was at a beach on Lake Michigan with a friend-with-benefits last week. He ended up tugging on my balls and it didn’t take much for them to start hurting. I used to pride myself on having balls of steel that could take extreme punishment. Now one forceful tug is gonna make them hurt? Fuck that! I hope it’s just a growing pain of sorts, but if not, obviously I’m gonna man up and still take the punishment. My boy wanted to get back at his Daddy for all the punishment I’ve inflicted on him and as a reward, I let him roughhouse with me. No way was I gonna let my boy know he was getting the better of his Daddy. Thankfully he’s a bad boy and doesn’t get rewarded often. Ha ha.

In case you’re wondering, no, we weren’t alone at the beach and nor was it a nude or gay beach. Yeah, Daddy Ursus likes an audience. ;D

As much as I enjoy being Daddy to this 27-year-old boy, I still want a Daddy of my own. Now would be a great time, as my newly sensitive balls would make any sadistic Daddy’s punishment on them that much more fun. Yes, that’s an open invitation to email me.

Also, feel free to send me pics or your balls (or any part of your body for that matter) or let  me know what you enjoy most about a guy’s sack.

Stay horny. WOOF!

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  1. mic litten permalink

    Id love to feel ur balls slapping against my ass cheeks as you slid ur cock in and out of my dirty shithole. Ooh yes.

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